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Hoping For The Best Just Hoping Nothing Happens...

This All Was Only Wishful Thinking!

31 July
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My name is Sinead

I am 15 years old

I will be 16 on 31st July

I have brown eyes

And dyed hair

It changes all the time

Its red just now

I am currently in 4th year

I have to worry about exams

It sucks

My friends make it all worth it

I luff the colours of the RAIN BOW

Music is what i love most

Whatever i do

Wherever i am

I am listening to music

Or want to be

Blink 182 are THE best band in the world

I dont care what anyone else thinks about them

I <3 them kay

Angels And Airwaves are amazing

Give them time

Im sure what Tom said will come true

They will change the world


Even though nothing can replace Blink 182

Lets just get that straight kay

But there can be different bands that are as good

To be honest

Tom can't go wrong

I also love films

Its interesting the way they are made

And I will enjoy most films

Battle Royale

Has to be one of THE most amazing films


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